Real estate Education

Everything you need to know to get started in real estate tech.


Getting started with residential real estate

When I first began working in real estate, one of the hardest things for me was figuring out where to start. This section covers what agents do, how to become one, and how they are paid. It also provides an overview of the industry itself, brokerages, how to start a brokerage, and what a real estate license is and isn't needed for.
A quick starting overview of the most important terms relating to real estate agents. Learn who to call what and how agents get licensed.
How a home sales commission translates to agent earnings
Details on the average real estate agent, who is probably not as active as you think.
How agents help their buy, sell, rent, and property management clients
An overview of how big residential real estate is and what important economic trends to watch.
What real estate brokerages do, why they exist, and how relevant they are in real estate.
The steps involved in starting a brokerage and expanding to new markets.
What agents can’t do. And what you can’t do if you don’t have a license.
A list of the best real estate news sources to bookmark and data sources for additional research.

Real estate agent and client product, marketing, and technology

Learning about all of the tools that real estate agents and their clients use can be daunting. This section covers different products in residential real estate. It explains how these products relate to marketing, customer problems, and how revenue is generated.
An overview of the different types of tech products in real estate, including who they focus on and how they make money.
How real estate agents generate new clients for home purchases, sales, and rentals.
How real estate agents generate leads for their client’s sale and rental listings.
Technology agents use to search for, share, and tour homes with their clients.
Technology agents use to advise clients on pricing homes for sale
Technology agents use to manage their contacts and stay in touch with their sphere of influence.
The tools agents use to pay for leads and manage them.
The tools agents use to build their organic web presence and create custom branded materials.
Technology agents use to manage each step of the closing process and how brokerages track this data for compliance and accounting.
An overview of technology platforms that help agents every stage of their workflow.
Technology targeted at end clients and broader consumers.

The real estate ecosystem

There are many different companies competing for market share in residential real estate. This section covers traditional incumbents like real estate brokerages. But it also addresses the new entrants that are using technology and capital to gain traction.
Companies and approaches shaping the future of residential real estate.
Brokerage models that focus on scaling agent counts rapidly.
How the largest corporate owned brokerages work. And how modern technology-driven discount and luxury brokerages are trying to replace them.
The companies supporting the purchase and sale of single-family homes without agents.
The real estate technology companies capturing the most consumer attention. And how they’re changing from their original business models.
Companies that are improving the real estate experience with finance and technology.