The DiREctory

A (under construction) curated list of the top products in real estate technology.


Residential sales and brokerage

These products and companies focus on home sales and purchases as well as the brokerages and agents that support them. We are actively updating this list, and will be adding to the site over the next few months. Please check back for updates!
Software suites that help agents handle multiple different services.
Communities and platforms that help agents market and refer listings to other industry professionals.
Products that help consumers find the best agents to buy or sell their home.
Platforms and services that support brokerage and agent operations related to transactions and finances.
Companies and products used by agents to search properties, compile comparative market analysis (CMA) presentations, and schedule tours
Companies and products that help users manage their communication and follow-ups with prospective clients.
Companies and products that operate, market, and develop software for coliving.
Companies and products that help real estate professionals compile and deliver data and valuations.
Products that are directly iBuyers or help consumers compare iBuyers
Services and platforms that provide modern alternatives to traditional real estate lending practices.
Brokerages that use technology and new business models

Residential rentals and property management

Section to come. Look out for changes shortly!

Collections - Companies and products grouped by business model

Lists of PropTech companies arranged by their assorted revenue models and business approaches.
Companies that generate revenue from referral fees paid by agents on closed real estate transactions.
Companies that are typically not brokerages but get paid on each closed real estate transaction.
Companies that charge a percentage fee related to a service on each transaction.
Companies that generate the majority of their revenue from monthly software fees.
Companies that own and operate every part of the process in their vertical, often similar to traditional incumbents.
Companies that buy assets, hold or improve them, and generate revenue from reselling and appreciation in value.
Companies that connect buyers and sellers over the platform for a fee.

Collections - M&A and financial highlights

PropTech companies grouped by financial events and accomplishments.
A list of proptech companies that have been acquired by another companie.
A list of acquisitive companies that have completed a solid number of acquisitions.
Companies that have been acquired by another entity and been incorporated into that new entity's product.
Public and privately held companies that have raised over $100 million in outside capital to fund growth and operations.

Collections - Business features and accomplishments

Lists of PropTech companies arranged by key business milestones or events.
Proptech companies that are no longer in operations and were not acquired.
Proptech companies with websites that generate over 100,000 monthly sessions through free search engine traffic.

Collections - Brokerage features

PropTech companies grouped by key brokerage and brokerage-like features.
Proptech companies that employ over 1,000 agents as either full-time employees or independent contractors.
Tech-enabled brokerages that operate primarily as franchises.
Tech-enabled brokerages that operate as a single corporate entity and do not offer franchise options.
Proptech companies that employ agents and provide real estate commission splits above industry average to their agents.

Collections - Ancillary services and new business models

PropTech companies grouped by added services beyond standard residential real estate offerings.
Proptech companies that offer mortgage and home lending services but are not primarily focused on mortgage.
Proptech companies that offer title and escrow services but are not primarily focused on title and escrow.
Proptech companies that offer home insurance services but are not primarily focused on home insurance.
A list of all proptech companies that buy and sell homes with their own money.